We are a team of sociologists, architects and designers working through strong and equal partnerships based on what we are best at. Value diversity, mutual respect, gender equality, and inclusive, process oriented change. Everyone matters and all perspectives deserve to be tested and discussed.

Since 2009, we have developed, designed and led learning-based solutions for NGOs, CSOs, public and private institutions in Scandinavia, across the EU, in the Middle East and Latin America. We work research based and combine theories, action research and tools from the arts and cultural branches.
All our methods and designs interacts with the 17 Social Development Global Goals.
We aim to implement as many sustainable solutions as possible towards 2030.

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The Team

We are an interdisciplinary team of sociologists, architects and change agents working in the field of culture, urban planning, design and social change based on participation.

Nina Louise Jensen
Partner, Architect M.A.A.
Curator and Concept Developer
Contact: +45 22678831
Anne Boukris
Partner, M.A. History
Minority Studies and Communication
Contact: +45 26234069
Andrés Lagunas
Designer M.A.A.
Communication strategy
Contact: +45 93921473

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