Nina Louise Jensen
Partner, Architect M.A.A.
Curator and Concept Developer
Nina has worked with architecture, design, urban planning, exhibitions, sustainability concepts, identity development and the physical planning of major Danish festivals such as Roskilde Festival. She co-founded the World´s first carbon neutral festival, Co2penhagen, and has taught Sustainable Design and learning programmes at university and schools. She works as an independent consultant for municipalities, NGOs and the European Union in the contexts of social design, communication and learning content around the Sustainable Development Goals.
Anne Boukris
Partner, M.A. History, Minority Studies and Communication. Researcher, Ass. prof. Gender and Minority Expert. Project Designer, Process facilitator and Audience Curator. Gestaltcoach
Anne works in the Nordic countries, across Europe and in the Middle East through project development, participatory formats and co-creation methods. She is an expert on gender, minority strategies of inclusion, assimilation, diversity mangement, representation  and the Global Goals 5, 10 and 11. She has more than 20 years experience as a curator of festivals and event management. As a facilitator she is excellent in process facilitation, social and cultural innovation. She has 25 years of teaching and training experience.
Andres Lagunas
Industrial Designer
Andrés is a designer passionate about knowing and understanding the relationship between design, culture, technology and society. He has a background of many years as a project manager, working for large companies in branding and marketing, as well as teaching design at different universities in Chile. As a cultural manager, he produces magazines, documentaries, multimedia content and podcasts for governments and NGOs.