Shelter for homeless in CPH

Since 2016 we have been advisors for the nation-wide Danish NGO Kirkens Korshær within architectural projects, inclusion concepts and strategic communication.

The Short Story

In 2016 Kirkens Korshær bought an old industrial building in the North-West of Copenhagen, and opened Kompasset - meaning The Compass - as a day service for homeless migrants without registration in Denmark. The project has developed in various steps raising funds for adding more functions on the way. Our work includes conversion of a former industrial building into a homeless shelter, interior designs, facilitation and organization of various activities for users, staff, neighbors and visitors. Today, Kompasset contains a dormitory, hangout space for conversation and access to computers, new kitchen, small counselling rooms and administration. The new project coming up is an extension of the building containing healthcare, and a lockers room providing safe storage for 40 homeless people.

Facilitating the meeting between the local community and homeless migrants

Our common ambition along with Kompasset is to open it up to the local area and establish a green, common and inviting outdoor City Oasis in the benefit of Kompasset's users and residents from the neighbourhood. A 500m2 asphalt in front of the building has been transformed into a recreational area with various offers: A workshop where the user groups have the opportunity to repair bicycles, an outdoor kitchen, a small performance stage, wooden furniture for staying outdoor, plant boxes and a grass area. Local smaller funds have paved the way to overall activities in the garden, working days for the City Oasis to be built up, event days for the local community and visitors with e.g. concerts, free cuisine days, various workshops, open house tours, film screenings, school visits and the like.

Project Name: Shelter for homeless in CPH
Type: Architectural Project
Year: 2018-2021
Status: Ongoing
Client: Kompasset Kirkens Korshær
Collaborator: ARCH + H.R.