Hidden Voices Project

In the media and in policy, migrants are often spoken of as a monolithic group, with their differences erased in the interest of drawing a simpler narrative. Often, this narrative represents migrants as either undesirable and threatening, or helpless and vulnerable, with no room for nuance or agency. Additionally, although many of the Sustainable Development Goals are relevant to the challenges faced by migrants- particularly no. 10, Reducing inequality in and between countries - they can often feel very removed from people’s day to day realities.

With our ‘Frame, Voice, Report!’ funding, we sought to address both the flaws in migrant representation and the intangibility of the Sustainable Development Goals. By working in partnership with Kompasset, the centre for homeless migrants run by Danchurch Social, as well as with Copenhagen municipality, schools, university students and cultural institutions, we hope to bridge the divide in our communities, raising awareness and changing the discourse around diversity and inclusion. 

As part of creating learning content for schools and students, we have been developing a series of audio narratives. You can listen to the published stories at https://socialcities2030.podomatic.com. The content is based on interviews with homeless migrants living on the streets in Copenhagen. Paying special attention to individual people’s stories helps to humanize the Sustainable Development Goals and place them squarely in the context of societal inequalities here in Denmark.

The portraits in these podcasts look at the consequences of migration and how it affects the individual's life situation in both good and bad ways, as well as the changes it has brought to them personally. We also look more widely at the context of their journeys on a social, economic, local and global level. 

Project Name: Hidden Voices Project
Type: Campaign and events
Year: 2019
Status: Ongoing
Funders: Frame, Voice, Report!, CISU, Bispebjerg Lokaludvalg
Partners: Kompasset Kirkens Korshær, Emergency Architecture & Human Rights