Heart Space - Hjerterum

Social Cities 2030 welcomes you to Project Heart Space 22.-30. april 2021

A row of activities that deal with the inclusive city, urban aesthetics, democracy mapping, community dining and conversations about green transformation, inclusion and urban solutions that cater to coexistence.

Due to covid19 restrictions, please register here: contact@socialcities2030.dk


22 April
Community event in Copenhagen NV
Social Cities 2030 creates a framework for garden communities and conversations about Heart Space. Community Event open to all. (Pictures from Saturday.)

23rd April
We gather in nature in West Zealand in small clusters, where we unfold a mini-living lab and conversations about the diversity of culture and nature, the meaning of this, the function of this and facilitation of this.

24 April

Networking event on csr.dk about business investment in social and cultural communities within the theme Heart Space.

25 April
A guided tour of Copenhagen NV with conversations about studies of how architecture and social communities can support inclusion and green transformation - under the theme Heart Space.

28 April
Diversity workshop on diversity in urban living - common values, contrasts and contracts and the city's space. Community dinner and Storytelling.

29 April
Guided Tour in Copenhagen: Democracy Mapping. Urban Vox Pop:  Commitment and Curiosity.

Project Name: Heart Space
Type: Events and Activities
Year: 2021
Status: Ongoing