Advocating for Global Goal 5: Gender Equality

Discrimination against women still persists in every corner of the world, with gender-based violence, social inequality and discrimination transcending national, cultural and religious boundaries. When advocating for Global Goal 5, it is vital to foreground intersectionality - seeing gender in relation to other social categories such as race, class, disability, sexual orientation and age - in order to ensure that complexities in identities are not ignored in policy.

In 2019, Social Cities 2030 celebrated International Women's Day, which occurs annually on 8th March, with an exciting event that brought together women from a whole range of different ethnicities, social backgrounds and fields of work in order to celebrate their achievements and build a sense of community. Our focus was on inspiring stories of female breakthroughs in the labor market, since we recognise the stark inequality of women in economic terms, even in Denmark, which considers itself a socially progressive country. For instance, the gender pay gap means that on average women in Denmark are paid only 85% of what men earn for the same type of work (Source: European Commission).

The event, which took place at UNION KBH in Nørrebro, included an exhibition which had a special focus on the achievements of women in creative and innovative subjects, such as architecture, design, art and media. We celebrated each story for its uniqueness and the ways in which it had made a contribution to the world, before sitting down to a dinner hosted by the social enterprise project Send Flere Krydderier (Send More Spices) which is run by migrant women. We also organised a privilege walk, in order to highlight intersectional identities, and the ways in which different people are structurally unequal within modern society. This is particularly true of migrants and refugees in Denmark, who are often discriminated against within the job market, housing sector and more broadly.

Project Name: International Women's Day
Type: Exhibition and Event
Year: 2019
Status: Completed
Funders: Byens Puls and Nørrebro Puljen
Partners: Send Flere Krydderier, UNION KBH