Our Services

We offer a variety of different services to NGOs, CSOs, Private and Public Institutions.

For more detailed information about our experience within each service area, please visit our projects page.

If the service you seek is not listed, please contact us to find out whether we will be able to assist.

Workshops, social events and exhibitions

We have more than 25 years of experience creating learning based workshops, social and cultural events, curating exhibitions and different formats that bring diverse groups together, highlight social injustices, and amplify the stories and lived experiences of people. From large-scale festivals with research based content, to local community gatherings, workshops and events, we always work with the principle of inclusivity to ensure that no one is left behind.

Education, learning and research based Projects

We design and deliver learning based projects for and with schools, universities and education programs from all levels and branches, using tools of participatory design, design thinking, facilitation, narratives of participants, intercultural communication and awareness. We use diverse and interactive learning strategies to personalize the 17 Sustainable Development Goals with individual and collective stories. Our educational projects include workshops, walking tours and group activities, focusing on social and acute themes such as homelessness, discrimination, inequality, urban life and circumstances, biodiversity and gender equality .

Consulting, process design, art for change and community counseling

We recognise that uncertainty and changing circumstances in societies can put a strain on organizations, requiring changes, new valuefocus and people's innovation to adapt to a crisis, shift in paradigms, new legislation or other external pressures. We work with your organisation on these premisses, caring for what must remain and for what can and may be changed. From our experience we know that cross disciplinary tools and processes can be of great value to your desired needs and visions of change. We tailor-make all our projects with you and for you, and we do our best to fit into what ever complexity your organisation may face regarding resources, strategy and or management. We work with people, local communities, NGOs, CSOs, private and public institutions through consulting, training, workshop, management, diversity programs through working on strategy, vision, implementation as well as with individuals and standing alone projects.

workshops, training & competence development

We are able to adapt our learning materials and activities for a range of different audiences and settings, shifting our focus and design as appropriate. We work with multimedia tools - podcasts, videos, posters - and with interactive exercises in order to stimulate discussion and encourage innovation along themes such as social change, inclusion and sustainability.

Cities and development across EU, Middle East & Latin America

We work in partnership with architects, designers, planners and public institutions to ensure that community voices are reflected in local development and policy. We work in both cities and rural areas, co-designing creative and bridge building initiatives to meet diverse needs, guided by Global Goal 11, to make communities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Research & international collaboration

We explore issues of social inequality, sustainability and gender in relation to the Global Goals, and look for innovative solutions being used elsewhere in order to stimulate new ideas for the communities we are working with. This research work has so far taken us across Europe and the Middle East, exploring concepts such as museums without walls.