Guided Tours on the Global Goals in Copenhagen

We provide guided tours for both large and small groups. Previously, this has included university students, international delegations and local schools.

Example: Nordvest walking tour (2.5 hours)
Nordvest is known as a disadvantaged neighbourhood in the North West of Copenhagen. In the early 20th century, Copenhagen municipality annexed the neighbourhood in order to construct a "socially democratic ideal where one can live from cradle to grave without moving more than a few blocks." Consequently, in the following years a large number of social housing units and homeless shelters were constructed and soon populated by evicted residents from central Copenhagen (which was undergoing a housing "sanitization" during this time). In 1980, the area was designated by the community psychiatric authorities to house people with mental health diagnoses.

Because of the complex issues of residents, and the sense that central Copenhagen had forgotten about them, the area had to deal with many social problems and criminality. In 1993, the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Social Affairs, and Copenhagen municipality agreed on a "holistic effort in the Nordvest" to improve the situation.

Nowadays, the area is up and coming, beginning to be considered a trendy place to live. Local artist and students are increasingly settling in Nordvest. However, the area is still struggling with social problems and a vulnerable population. Its rugged image persists and because of this it has acquired the nicknames such as Nordværst (North Worst) and Nordlædervest (North Leather Vest).

Copenhagen municipality is heavily investing in renewal of the area. Sixteen million Danish crowns have been invested in the project 'Smedetoften', the development of a central place where residents of Nordvest can meet each other. We will also visit Kompasset, a former industrial building which has been converted into a shelter for homeless migrants, as well as Ungdomshuset, a youth house which has become the largest underground punk scene. During this walking tour, we will hear more about the history of Nordvest and the different inspiring initiatives to improve the neighbourhood, visiting local spaces and organisations that are aimed at stimulating inclusion and participation of residents. We will also hear more from the municipality about their renewal plans. 

Project Name: Guided Tours on the Global Goals
Type: Events and Activities
Year: 2019
Status: Ongoing
Partners: Kompasset Kirkens Korshær