Heart Space 22.-30. april 2021

A row of activities that deal with the inclusive city, urban aesthetics, democracy mapping, community dining and conversations about green transformation, inclusion and urban solutions that cater to coexistence.

UWAD Project Chile

Upcycling Water in Atacama Desert is about recycling treated gray water from buildings to the establishment of green urban spaces.

story of inequality

We seek to reframe the discourse around migration and homelessness, engaging citizens with personalised stories relating to the Global Goals

School Programs & Training Values, mapping-programs & and 17 sDG traning

We offer learning programs for schools about diverse societies, homelessness and biodiversity in the context of the Global Goals

entrepreneurship for change

Stories from unique rural areas and their changing communities, with a particular focus on Bornholm and its experience of urban-rural relocation

Shelter for homeless in CPH

Building new facilities for homeless migrant in Copenhagen containing healthcare and lockers room providing safe storage.

Advocating for Inclusion Through cultural events

We campaign with 28 EU countries to change the way in which Europe receives newcomers, aiming towards a vision of inclusion and responsibility

walking tours about social change & communitybuilding

We guide and develop walking tours in site specific spaces of social exclusion (e.g. through gentrification) and discuss social inclusive initiatives as well provide tools and theories of change and coherence. We create community dinners as well as cultural events for the purpose of joy and being together. Our next project is building an insect-library for the narrative of biodiversity in urban settings. You are invited 1-4 pm on the 28th of December. Follow socialcities2030.dk on facebook for more information.

Museums of no Walls, format & design innovation

We work with less money than most. We like and appreciate designing and formatting experiences, cultural heritage design that are sustainable. We communicate based on local and civil society innovation and narratives. We create interactivity, learning and identity build through innovative designs; museum of no walls, walking tours, collections of immaterial cultural heritage etc. We collaborate, interrelate and connect to society and with and for the people. Our next project is based in South Hebron in the context of semi-nomadic women.

Folkemødet & Global Goal #10

We work  with Kirkens Korshær to present workshops and Insights on SDG #10: Reducing Inequality in and between countries.

housing cultures & coherence through diversity & participation SDG #10 & #11

We provide designs, processconsulting to public and private organisations about housing, cultural bridge building, cultural encounters and organisational change. 

Gender Equality SDG #5

We campaign and organise workshops and training around Global Goal 5: Gender Equality, focusing on the importance of intersectionality. We work in the Middle East, across EU and in Latin America.